Tips To Pick The Best Steam Mops For Tiles

Wed 24 August 2016

When you visited your friends or relatives homes, you might wonder how hygienic and clean the tiles appeared. You must research a lot in online when purchasing a steam mop. The reviews shared by the users will be very helpful in your buying decision. You should not read only the negative reviews but also read the good things in various models. You can also ask for the steam mops used by your friends and relatives.

There are plenty of steam mops model available in the market and not all the models are suitable for any types of floor. You must check whether the steam mop you have in mind will be suitable for the floor type of your home. Are you looking for the best steam mop for tiles? Then you must check the below qualities when buying a steam mop for tile floor.

Efficiency is important for every product. You need to buy a lightweight steam mop that is convenience and provide better results than the normal squeeze mops. The hot steam produced by the steam mop kills the germs and bacteria. Most of the top steam mops give 200 degree Fahrenheit or more which is very hot and not the favorable temperature for the germs to survive. If the mop leaves moisture on the floor then there are high chances of damages. The moisture exits in the tiles make it slippery which is risky for the small kids and old people. Wetness causes mildew and the unsightly lines gives dull look to the floor.

The top three steam mops which are preferred by most of the people for tiles are described below.

Oreck steam is an all-purpose steam mop and it is proved as the best option for tiles. It removes the mess within seconds which is missed by most of the steam mops. It can run constantly for more than half an hour and maintains the heat level for killing germs. In addition to tiles, it is great option for other floor types and comes with the attachments for cleaning toilets and windows. The big drawback of this model is the cleaning cloth is attached manually with clips.

Sienna Aqua Pro Steam Mop does great work at eliminating the sticky mess particularly the oil ones. The steam mop needs only less time for heated up and the water tank is removable. Removing the water tank is quite challenging in this model and the running time of this steam mop is not greater than 15 minutes. Like the previous one, the steam cloth is attached manually in this model.

Reliable Steamboy T2 Sweep-and-Steam Mop is also the preferable option for cleaning the tiles. It eliminates the sticky and oil stains thoroughly and gives you more satisfaction. Like the previous one, the water tank is detachable. Unless the above models the steam cloth is attached automatically and it is the main advantage in this model. It stood upright on its own and you can prefer this for cleaning the tile floor.

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