Comparison Between Xarelto And Warfarin

Wed 28 September 2016

Most of the patients and doctors choose between warfarin and Xarelto to avoid or treat blood clot problem. There are advantages and disadvantages available in each drug and the side effects, bleeding risk differs from one patient to another. You can visit the website, to know about the complete side effects of Xarelto.

Many people prefer either Xarelto or warfarin anticoagulants than any other blood thinner drugs available in the market. If you have serious blood clots problem then your doctor must choose which blood thinner is suitable for your problem.

Xarelto is the new anticoagulant drug whereas Warfarin is the old drug. Warfarin has an antidote but Xarelto doesn't have. Xarelto is available as a standard dose of one per day. Warfarin dosage must be recommended and monitored by the doctor. Both Xarelto and Warfarin has severe side effects.

Consuming the blood thinners obstruct the blood clotting process. To prevent bleeding problems and death, your body develops blood clots. The formation of blood clot process is a complex one and it has different elements known as clotting factors. Both Xarelto and Warfarin avoid blood clot by restraining different clotting factors.

Doctors prescribe blood thinners such as Xarelto, Warfarin or any other drugs to avoid blood clots from interrupting blood flow that can damage the heart to brain system. There exists a different type of condition that makes an individual at the dangerous of damaging blood clots such as heart birth defect, past surgery on the heart valve, DVT, abnormal heartbeat, pulmonary embolism and pulmonary hypertension.

Warfarin is developed by Endo laboratories in the year 1954. Till now, it is the popular blood thinner drug but it requires prescription and monitoring of your doctor to protect your safety. But the users like an alternative to warfarin without or less monitoring. This stimulates Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer and Johnson to develop a substitute to Warfarin and they named the new blood thinner drug as Xarelto.

Now doctors and patients who are treating for blood clot problems have more options but choosing the right treatment based on the severity of the disease is not an easy job. The competition of the blood thinner drugs is increased nowadays and there are many drugs available in the market. This made the price of warfarin reduce gradually. The cost of the Xarelto is higher than warfarin and most other similar drugs. This is the main drawback of Xarelto.

In the initial days, care to received FDA approval for one time a day but now the brand acquired the FDA approval for several times a day. But the advantage of Xarelto is it does not need the monitoring like warfarin. Some research revealed that Xarelto must be consumed twice a day because the effects of Xarelto last for only five to nine hours and the people taking Xarelto could have a different level of drugs in their body throughout the entire day. Both the drugs have the side effects as well and you must seek the support of your doctor in case of any emergency.

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